Specialist Training

Generous foodies who descended on Signature Food Festival 2019, helped ensure that critically ill babies in the Aberdeen neonatal unit continued to have access to some of the best medical care in the country.

Having already undergone part one of highly respected trauma informed care training, the funding did not exist to allow nurses in the Neonatal Unit to complete the training with part two. 

The Signature 2019 event, which was run prior to the establishment of the JEllie Foundation, donated £60,000 to the Archie Foundation, for this training to be delivered by world-famous neonatology nurse Mary Coughlin to be completed. 

The Quantum Caring Project training was delivered between January 2020 and April 2021 by expert neonatology nurse Mary Coughlin who thanks the Signature diners in this video: [ADD VIDEO OF MARY]

One of the techniques covered in the training is swaddled bathing to reduce the trauma to premature babies of being handled. Parents whose babies have benefited from the swaddled bathing technique have said; 

“She loved it. The swaddling made her feel safe and kept her warm whilst washing her hair.”

“Was nervous as this was my first bath – great learning experience and felt very comfortable. 

“Nice to be able to hold my baby and not having him wriggle everywhere.”

Nicole Bauwens, Neonatal Nurse Manager, explains in this video, the benefits which this training has brought to babies, parents and nurses.

Read more about the 2019 donations here:

Read more about this donation here https://www.societyaberdeen.co.uk/events/aberdeens-signature-fine-dining-festival-raises-more-than-150k-for-local-hospital/ 



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